Applications & Features

People Counting

Obtain valuable statistical data by high precision counting of the customers entering your store or shop level through entrance doors, elevators or escalators. Monitor an  area up to 8m by 8m with a single APS. Distinguish different walking paths by using up to 10 counting lines. Get separate count results for adults and children. Avoid counting errors by distinguishing between objects (shopping carts, luggage, etc.) and persons, adults and children.

Zone Monitoring

Monitor up to 8 areas with a single APS. Determine the number of customers waiting in line or stand in front of an advertisement display. Calculate dwell times, queue lenghts or estimated waiting time. Set up alarms to automatically alert your staff of waiting customers, open more checkout lines or take other actions required.

Easy Installation & Configuration

Mount the APS to the ceiling using our mounting kits for surface or flush mount. PoE combines power supply and network connection in a single cable. As the installation height and angles are determined automatically, the configuration of device may be done entirely through remote access using a HTML5 web interface.

Verification of count results

While most conventional counting solutions claim accuracy levels at 98% or higher, enabling the user to validate this characteristic over time remains a definite challenge. The APS gives full support to assure its outstanding accuracy. Record videos simultaneously with the associated tracking, counting, and zone monitoring results. Store up to 30 hours of data on the device. The APS Video Player Tool visualizes the results and allows a detailed verification of the APS performance

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